Seeking the best New York photo locations? You have found the right article! Below you can find the top marvelous places for taking pics. Grab a camera, get in a good mood, and let Gotham embrace you with the perfect ideas for shots!

Central Park

Our top-tier list opens with a natural attraction of New York – Central Park. Since 1858, this green island in an ocean of skyscrapers has captivated residents, tourists, filmmakers, and photographers. The alluring landscape design and the contrast with urban surroundings make Central Park a fascinating spot for taking unique and aesthetic pics.

While arriving in summer, you will observe the predominance of shades of green, which can introduce tranquility and serenity to your pictures. In autumn, the park transforms into a vibrant orange fairy tale, which you can use to bring the feeling of passion and cheer in contrast with an overcast sky.

Reaching Central Park from JFK Airport takes only 1 hour by car. If you do not have your own one, consider booking vehicle hire options for young drivers in New York.

Times Square

The second place on our top-tier list occupies the prominent landmark of New York, which serves as an impeccable depiction of modern advertisement and pop culture – Times Square. Come here to sense the local rush and energy flow, and your photo album will sparkle with stunning urban photographs!

This place will add briskness and a modern stroke to your photos, but you should know how to use this opportunity 100%. Here is some advice:

  • Find some New York photo studio locations near Time Square to catch the view from above;
  • Try out long exposure (especially at nighttime);
  • Photoshoot during the first hour after dawn or during the last hour before dusk;
  • Use Pinterest as the source of your ideas;
  • Inspire from different weather phenomena, from rains to snowfalls.

Maman cafe

If you are into making cute and cozy photosets, then it is time to pay a visit to Maman Cafe. It is a perfect place for taking aesthetic pictures of friends and family having a good time and enjoying delicious pastries and sweets. What can be more perfect than a photo of a fresh croissant with a cup of banana split iced latte near? If your initiative is in depicting the feeling of relaxation and comfort – then Maman Cafe is your best location for a photo session.

Empire State Building

Try to name the other sumptuous building in the whole Fifth Avenue which can provide you with such astonishing views as in Empire State. Even if you “climb” to the 88th floor only, you will already access a first-class viewpoint from which you can capture a vibrant New York panorama. They say that, while observing surroundings from the ESB, you can spot:

  • The Statue of Liberty;
  • Rockefeller Center;
  • Central Park;
  • Times Square;
  • One World Trade Center.

If you wish to arrive at the ESB straight from John F. Kennedy International Airport, then we recommend taking a taxi or hiring a vehicle. Luckily, booking cars for rent if you are under 25 is easy in New York, since there are many providers with discounts for young drivers.

New York Public Library

When your New York album lacks tranquility and elegance, it is time to pay attention to the Public Library, which captivates with its gorgeous interior and exterior. Outside there is a graceful building with a marble facade and lion statues (lion is the library’s symbol, by the way!), and inside you can find an enormous hall where you can meet lots of people reading or studying. Take some pics of the acquiring knowledge process, or search for some aged book to find an interesting quote to capture – there are lots of ideas for your NY photoset!

Reach the literature paradise in half an hour from JFK Airport, and do not be afraid to hire a vehicle if you are under 25 because the minimum allowed age is 18. For additional information about the permitted New York car rental age, conduct an official website of your auto hire provider. You may also find detailed information at, where it is gathered conveniently in one place.